Discover the Future of E-commerce with Personal Shopper from CatalogueFlow

Transform your customers' shopping experience with our innovative automated Personal Shopper solution. Leverage artificial intelligence technology to provide real-time shopping assistance, fluid communication, and accurate responses through an intuitive web interface or by phone calls.

Personal Shopper seamlessly integrates with your product catalog and services, offering personalized queries, order management, returns, and much more, all through natural conversations. Ideal for all types of consumers, including those with special needs. Simplify shopping and elevate your customer service to a new level with Personal Shopper.

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Key Features of Personal Shopper

Web Interface

Web Call Interface

Interact with our automated personal shopper using your device without the need for additional hardware.

Custom Phone Number

Custom Phone Number

Get a dedicated number to receive calls directly in CatalogueFlow, facilitating effortless support.

Voice Chat

Intelligent Voice Chat

An advanced AI system that effectively understands and manages your customers' needs through conversation.

How Does Personal Shopper Work?

Registration and Setup

Sign up for CatalogueFlow and activate your Personal Shopper service. Configure your profile to suit your specific needs.

Integration of Products and Services

Easily connect your products and services so Personal Shopper can offer detailed information and assistance to your customers.

Receive Automated Calls

Start receiving calls via the web interface or your personalized number. Let our AI take care of providing the best customer experience.

Management and Monitoring

Monitor performance and gain valuable insights on the use of the Personal Shopper service to continue improving your customers' experience.

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